Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sketches and things : )

Stuff from my sketchbook. Well my better stuff. While these arent in any order, some of this stuff is showing my progress working with perspective, dimensionality, and other excercises and things Im trying to improve in my fundamentals. While I know I struggle in color, I dont feel my fundamentals are quite as honed as Id like them, so Im really practicing that. Have to say though, Its been a good month though. I like a lot of whats here. Fuckin hot sauce : )

And the Crown Jewel of this post!

I never really felt that I could draw expressions all that well. So alot of my characters when I drew them had moot expressions. I was actually worried for the longest while that I was extremely limited to only basic emotions like anger. That ones easy to draw haha. Fuck. BUT LOOKIE LOOKIE! 25 Different unique expressions! FUCK YEAH

And to make this better. I ACTUALLY COLORED SOME OF THEM, AND THE COLOR JOB IS PRETTY BANG UP DECENT! Seriously, good times for me.

The character is the thief from my senior project. I figured getting her expressions down might be a good idea. Anyways, thats all for now folks! Enjoy~