Thursday, January 2, 2014


Did this today. Just something to post while I get my files together so I can make a super massive post.

Somewhere, someone said or wrote something about character design that I thought to be fairly true but didnt really consider it till I heard or read it. They said that character design isnt about just drawing a character and calling it character design, its about creating a character and different iterations of that character and exploring the possibilities of that character. Considering that Ive done that in depth when it comes to atleast one of my characters, I thought Id take a stab at clothing design for my character, this time round focusing more on I would call casual wear for the place she lives. I came up with 5 different iterations (and in this case decided to come up with variations of her axe just for fun as well) and these are what I came up with. Not bad for not only looking for different clothing types and varying shape languages within the costume, and doing it in photoshop is a first for me too. It was fun haha, and I think Ill do it again soon.

: )

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